The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought the country to a sudden standstill. 

New Indian Express/ Shekhar Yadav, EPS

While shops and malls are opening up after the end of the nationwide lockdown, schools and colleges still remain shut. 

With students confined to their houses, teachers have been either taking online classes or recording lectures. 

Twitter/ Pishu Mon

A feat that comes with its own set of challenges as not many have the resources or are trained for it. 

But breaking all barriers, this Chemistry teacher from Pune made an extra effort to teach her students!  

World Economic Forum/ REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

Moumita didn’t have a tripod so she came up with a hack so that her students can see the board clearly. 

A week ago, Moumita B shared a video on LinkedIn of how she has been holding classes during the lockdown. In the video, she is seen writing on the board while explaining the lesson. 

She tied her phone to a clothes hanger, suspended it between a plastic chair and the ceiling which enabled her students to view the board during the lesson. 

Moumita in her post wrote that: 

As I didn’t have any tripod so I made an Indian jugad for taking online classes from my home

Since then, the video has gone viral with over 600 comments! 

A screenshot of the video was soon shared on twitter and people couldn’t help but appreciate the efforts of this teacher. 

Even Sudha Ramen, Indian Forest Service officer reposted the photo while praising the chemistry teacher! 

When we have teachers like Moumita, the future seems a little bit brighter!