Despite the ‘advancements’ in the society, even today women are often subjected to illogical judgments and moral policing.

Like it happened with a 33-year-old government teacher in Kottakal, Kerala who was allegedly removed from her position by school authorities for giving birth four months after her marriage.

As per reports, the woman was not allowed to join the school after her maternity leave and was allegedly abused verbally by parents and teachers during a PTA meeting. Reportedly, she has worked at the school for almost five years.  


A pre-primary teacher, the woman was apparently preparing for her second marriage after her divorce. However, allegedly due to the delay in divorce proceedings, she was living in with her second husband before she was legally married to him. 


Reports state that the woman has also approached the Child Rights Commission, seeking strict action against the authorities, and she has even filed an official complaint against the authorities. 

If the reports are to be believed this appears to be a case of moral policing where a woman’s career is being put on hold, due to her personal choices. And this is clearly not the way a society should function.