In a bid to protest the government’s decision to keep coaching centres shut during the lockdown, teachers in Jharkhand are hauling fruits and vegetable carts. And this unique protest might soon become their reality. 


The protestors stated that since the government has given permission to malls, courts, alcohol shops and other places to open while practicing social distancing – then why haven’t private coaching centres been given the same permission. 

We have become financially weak. We need something to sustain our lives. We request the government to open our centres and let us live again. 

-A protestor told Newsflare


In the city of Dhanbad, at least 1000 coaching centre owners became a part of this unique form of protest. There are over 5000 teachers who rely on private coaching centres for their income, and this decision has put them in a difficult financial situation. 

In an interview, the teachers added that they are capable of checking papers and taking classes while practicing social distancing. And if given the chance, then all the necessary precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of the students. This non-violent and unique protest may become the reality of these teachers if they aren’t allowed to open their centres. 

H/T: Newsflare. Watch the full video here