The lockdown is tough on students but it is equally difficult, if not worse for the teachers who are trying to make do with the ‘new normal’. Teaching classes online is a whole new skill set and these inspiring teachers are using the perfect ‘jugaad‘ to make sure that nothing stands in the way of education. 

1. The teacher who used a refrigerator tray 

Jeyaishwari RC Nadar, a math teacher used a refrigerator tray to hold her phone over the notebook so her students could watch her solving problems. 


2. The teacher who used a hanger to do a live stream 

This teacher in Pune had to live-stream her Chemistry class but did not have a tripod to hold her phone in place. So Moumita Bhattacharjee used a hanger and strings to hold her phone in place. 


3. The teacher who used an empty pen stand as a tripod 

Sushma Kumar, a Math teacher in Noida has been setting down her phone in an empty pen stand so her students can follow her solving the problems. 

4. The teacher who put a ruler through an old mobile phone box

Chandi Prasad Kothiyal went a bit DIY and used an old box which belonged to his phone and put a ruler through it. Is that a selfie stick? Nope, just creativity. 

5. The teacher who is using forks to keep her phone upright 

Sharing her lockdown hack with the world, Surbhi Arora, the founder of a career coaching and e-learning website showed how forks can be used to hold a phone over a notebook. 

6. The teacher who was ready to teach on the front porch. 

When his 12-year-old student had a doubt, this math teacher turned up on their front porch to explain the lesson, complete with a whiteboard. 

7. The teachers who decided to paint the walls with lessons 

A school in Maharashtra’s Solapur city took this step to help those who do not have smartphones to help them study right now. The lessons for the students have been painted on walls so they don’t miss out. 

Teachers will truly do anything to make sure their students get the best.