Soon (hopefully), you’ll be able to play music, adjust your phone’s volume and even answer calls with a swipe, touch or tap on your thigh. That day isn’t far when your vest will be able to update you on your heart rate or your socks will track and tell you about your running performance. No kidding.

A recent collaboration between Levi’s and Google is making this a reality. The denim giant is the first to have joined hands with Google on Project Jacquard, where they will make denims even more cool by weaving technology into them, literally.


Conductive yarn will be woven into patches that’ll act as trackpads on garments. So, your new pair of blues will actually do more than make you look cool. If that doesn’t fascinate you enough, this video of how the project meshes technology with fashion, is sure to enthral.


As someone fascinated by fashion, this touch of tech gives me a nerdgasm!

Feature Image Source: Google