Rajan, A 16-year-old taekwondo champion, who was shot at in northeast Delhi’s Bhajanpura area last week, is in critical condition after doctors had to amputate both his legs.

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The incident took place on 21 June, when unidentified assailants who were in a car allegedly opened fire on a motorbike which Rajan and his father Kailash were riding. While Kailash died on the spot, Rajan sustained three bullet injuries, a police official said.

The bullet injuries caused severe nerve damage, because of which one leg was amputated on Wednesday and the other, two days later.

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Police are yet to track down the assailants and ascertain the motive behind the act. Accoeding to  official sources,the interrogation revealed that Rajan’s elder brother was also murdered a year ago. 

Rajan is a black belt in taekwondo and has participated in national-level competitions. 

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