Politics and religion must always be kept as far away from each other as possible. Unfortunately for our country, that has never been the case. Many a politician wears religion on their sleeves. None more so than Bihar’s politician and the elder son of former CM Lalu Yadav, Tej Pratap Yadav. 

Over the years Yadav has earned himself the moniker of ‘behrupiya’ or one who has many disguises. 

Last year, he dressed up as the Hindu deity Shiva and offered prayers at a temple. 

Such is his fondness for dressing up as gods that during his wedding in 2018, his fans gifted Patna a poster with Tej Pratap and his then bride, Aishwarya as Shiva and Parvati. 

India Today

Most of his disguises have been inspired by the popular depictions of the deities Shiva and Krishna. 

Deccan Chronicle

Here’s another picture of him as Krishna. 

Zee News

This is him addressing the rumours of a rift between his brother and himself. 

This is another time when he decided to cosplay as Shiva. 

The Quint

And he’s just started campaigning for the elections in Bihar. So, maybe in a few days time, we’ll get to see him in another Avatar. He had contested in Mahua last year and won. This time around he’s shifted his base to the Yadav-dominated Hasanpur assembly constituency in Samastipur district. Maybe, the cosplay does work, after all. 

Well, if you manage to put the whole church and state problem aside, as you have been doing for decades, he’s pretty good with the cosplay, isn’t he?