You don’t always need to turn to Netflix for a dose of high-stakes drama. Sometimes, the telenovela plays out right in front of you in real life.

According to News18, a Telangana wedding was stopped in its tracks after the bride apparently spotted her ex-boyfriend there and said she didn’t want to get married.

The incident happened in Charlapally village of Wanaparty district in Telangana on Friday, after the the guests had all arrived and the rituals were already taking place.

Gulf News

Just as the groom was going to tie the mangalsutra, the bride proclaimed that she didn’t want to get married, and walked out of the wedding.

The Better India

The relatives claim that they tried to stop her, but she was adamant in her decision. They also said they tried to catch this ex-boyfriend, but couldn’t. 

I guess the heart wants what it wants.