How far would you travel to bring your loved ones back home to safety amid the lockdown? Well, at least you’ll think twice before setting out on a 1,400 kms long journey but, if you are a mother who needs to rescue her child then, maybe not. 

A woman from Telangana traveled nearly 1,400 kms on a scooter, for over three days during the ongoing lockdown, to bring her stranded son back home from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. 

Razia Begum, a 42-year-old lady started her journey on Monday morning after the local police gave her permisson to do so. She rode solo and returned with her son, Nizamuddin, on Wednesday evening, which was really impressive. 

At first, Razia Begum said she had her doubts about completing the journey but she was also extremely determined to bring her younger son back home. In an interview with PTI, she said:

It was a difficult journey on a small two-wheeler for a woman. But the determination to bring my son back overtook all my fears. I packed rotis and they kept me going. It was fearsome in the nights with no traffic movement and no people on roads.

On 12th March, 19-year-old Nizamuddin had gone to Rahamatabad in Nellore to drop off his friend and decided to stayed back there for sometime. But, when the lockdown was announced he could not return back home and was compelled to stay in Andhra Pradesh.

She also said she didn’t want to send her elder son to fetch Nizamuddin as she feared the police might mistake him for a joy rider and detain him.

This is how Twitter reacted to this amusing story. 

Razia Begum, who lost her husband 15 years ago, is a headmistress at a government school in Nizamabad, near Hyderabad. Currently, she lives with her two sons, an engineering graduate, and Nizamuddin, who wants to become a doctor. 

The things mothers do for their family. Respect!