Over a period of time, quite a few Indian words have made it into the elite galleries of Urban Dictionary. 

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Source: Urban Dictionary

So this shouldn't be a big deal ideally. But because of the words that have been chosen this time, it is. And trust me, I am not overselling this. In fact, I am afraid I won't be able to do it justice. 

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The phrase that made it into the Urban Dictionary is 'B&D', the acronym for Bhadwa Aur Dalal.

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Describing the term 'B&D', Urban Dictionary says: 

Acronym for Bhadwa & Dalal which aptly describes the Govt's bootlicking media houses of India. Can be identified by 24*7 telecast of biased fake news, spewing of communal hatred, hiding Govt's failures and loud noise on prime time with 15+ debaters on an half hour debate.
Bhadwa aur dalal
Source: Urban Dictionary

It also provides you with a couple of examples. The first one is of course from the OG debate with Congress' Rajiv Tyagi, who has been widely hailed for coining the term. Mind you, he didn't coin it but he made it a household phrase. 

No, my dear friend, I call you B&D. Aur batao.
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The second example is that of Fox News, the Trump government's personal PR team. 

Fox News is such a B&D of Trump these days. 

You will notice that no Indian channels were mentioned as examples here. Which is understandable since nobody really wants a defamation case. 

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Anyhow, we must all be proud that our words, Indian words are finally being recognised by the world.