Donald Trump may be on the ropes in the US presidential elections as far as pre-election polls go, but he’s not out of the race by any stretch. 

On Saturday, the presidential candidate was at the Republican Hindu Coalition fundraiser, which also gave birth to the hashtag ‘Hindus for Trump’. 

And things got pretty ridiculous. 

Like this crazy poster: 

A Michael Jackson impersonator:

And it had a Punjabi twist: 

There were dancers taken hostage by terrorists with light sabers, but saved by the US Army:

There was a dance that somehow combined the US national anthem with ‘Born in the USA’:

This incidentally was the speech that made headlines for Trump saying that he loves ‘Hindu’

Then he had the misfortune of running into NDTV’s Sreenivasan Jain who asked him why he only liked Hindus. So Trump amended it to say he loved India: 

This tweet perhaps summed up the event best: