Do you want to tell something to your friends, family or any other mate in the future? Well, if the present is not appropriate, you can now send your photos, messages, videos and voicemails, up to 25 years into the future.

Sounds strange?

The facility is basically packaged in an app called Incubate: The Time Delay Messenger, CNN Money reports . Though the concept has been already executed in similar apps available, Incubate is racing ahead of its competitors due to the special focus on social networking.

Source: pcmag

While it might make for a great time capsule, the app can turn things emotional too. Just imagine hearing a voicemail from your loved ones years after their death.

Interesting part of the free-to-download app is its hooking factor. Users always know the number of messages incubating but can’t know the sender or the time when the message will be delivered.

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Co-founder McCluney says the “engagement has been strong and the company is nearing its seeding funding goal of $500,000,” the report states.

As of now, two hashtags – #Drinkubating and #Incubombing – are trending on Twitter about the Incubate app.

#Drinkubating is a hit among those who want to remind days of drunken madness to a friend of theirs, years after returning to senses. #Incubombing, on the other hand, is a flood gateway of messages, videos, and a lot of stuff to be delivered to a buddy on a certain day and time.

So, download the app, if you are not good at remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

Be ready to receive anything, anytime. Even 25 years from now!