Dear Maggi, thank you so much for existing.

From saving us from sleeping hungry in hostels to giving us refuge from torai and tindey ki sabzi, you’ve always been there.

And most importantly, you’ve saved us from hunger pangs during this lockdown, too.


I still remember the first thing I bought the day PM Modi announced a nationwide lockdown 2 months ago. It was Maggi.

It is the first thing to come to our minds when we know that we won’t be able to go out to eat or buy food.

The first thing we think of when we know we’ll be up all night, binge watching shows and movies on Netflix.

It has to be the first thing we’d want to cook after a hectic day working from home.

Hungry Forever

Apparently, it was also the first thing to go out of stock in lockdown.

It flew off the shelves at lightning speed only within the initial few days of lockdown and found place in our kitchens and hearts.

Although, it was wrong to resort to hoarding, but Maggi is love. Being a non-essential item, its demand increased manifold and it couldn’t match the supply.

For many of us living in metro cities, it is still difficult to find Maggi in stores.

It’s been 2 months we’ve been in lockdown and Maggi has kept us sane, to say the least.

I always know, it would be there when I’ll need it the most.

Mujhe bas packet kholna hoga aur 2 minute mein Maggi ready.


Fulfilling and scrumptious, Maggi has seen some really tough days with us. It has let us mould it into different dishes too.

From Maggi sandwiches to Maggi pakoras, the cook in us has tried it all when we found time.


We’ll always remember how Maggi, made our lockdown days better, evenings experimental and nights bearable.

It has been one hell of a saviour, you know.