Jakob Lindenthal, a German exchange student of IIT Madras who was asked to leave the country a couple of days ago, has finally spoken on the whole controversy surrounding him.  

Upon reaching the capital city of Holland on December 25, he had a message for those who were protesting by his side before he was deported.


Writing on his Facebook wall, Lindenthal said: 

These events (referring to nationwide protests against the CAA and NRC) show that political freedom and rule of law need support of millions of open eyes and loud voices. 
Euro News

Thanking a swarm of supporters and well-wishers in India for showing solidarity and giving him legal advice, when it was needed, he continued saying: 

This morning I landed in Amsterdam safely and will return to my family in Nuremberg soon. Thank you all for the huge solidarity that you showed! Thank you for your messages, the legal advice and the shelter I was given when my flight out of India was delayed by one day. I will take some days to arrive at home and find out where the road leads. 

Demanding respect for people who cannot openly raise their concerns and opinions in the country, he said: 

I also want to bow down in front of those who cannot show their concern about ongoing political developments openly because their existences would be threatened but who still find their ways to support those who are showing their faces,
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After being spotted in multiple protests across Delhi, he was reportedly told by officials that his participation in the protests was a violation of visa terms. 

Subsequently he was asked to leave the country.