The novel coronavirus has become the new global phenomenon for all the wrong reasons. This virus has reached more countries than we can count and seems to have become the main source of anxiety for the world at large. So we asked ourselves, are there places where COVID-19 is not a thing? 

Turns out there are some countries where there haven't been officially registered cases of COVID-19 yet. But that number too is reducing very quickly. So, go on, read this list before it becomes completely useless. 

1. Malawi 

Source: The Telegraph

It is said that the novel coronavirus took a while to come to Africa. But it is there now and only a handful of countries remain Corona-free. Malawi is one of those countries. A small landlocked nation, Malawi is yet to see its first case of COVID-19. And even though the country has no confirmed cases yet, they have decided to suspend all international flights from April 1st onwards.

2. Turkministan

Source: Business Insider

Next to Iran, where the virus has claimed more than 140 lives, Turkmenistan has no cases at all. While they have been banning international flights and refusing entry to foreign nationals, it waits to be seen if the cases crop up anytime soon. 

3. Solomon Islands

Source: The New York Times

The Solomon Islands have been super lucky. They have tested many suspected carriers of the virus and so far all of them have come back negative. Those are the some of the many perks of living on an island paradise, I guess. 

4. Yemen

Source: Middle East Monitor

This one is tricky. Being one of the most strive ridden places on the planet, Yemen has enough to deal with. They don't have the infrastructure to test and there has, only recently, been a temporary ceasefire so that the countries can deal with the corona crisis. But as of now, there are no reported cases in Yemen, which is good news. 

5. Burundi

Source: World Atlas

Burundi is a tiny country in Africa that is still to record any cases of COVID-19. In fact, they're so brazen in current times that it's the only country in the world to still be having large public gatherings like their football matches, in a stadium with crowds. Hope the virus never reaches there! 

So these are a few countries that have been untouched by COVID-19. And we hope that they continue to remain so. 

(As of 31st March 2020.)