Although the beef ban in various regions of India has been in the news for a long time, it is only gaining more disrepute from actions of radical groups who lynch people based on suspicion of beef consumptions and calling the cops on a government building . While Kerala among other states has been hosting Beef parties in protest , radicals in fringe outfits and internet trolls supporting them come out with laughable arguments like, “would Muslims also be tolerant to a pork party like Hindus eating beef?”

What these groups going berserk in pushing their agenda don’t realise, is that they are making a joke out of themselves, and they got a first hand experience of this in Kerala.

Members of the Hanuman Sena known for protests against the “kiss of love” movement and forcing a Muslim writer to stop a Ramayana column , held a pork festival at Kohikode’s Malabar Christian College expecting outrage and protests from minority communities, except nothing like that really happened, as reported by The Bayside Journal .

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Members of the outfit were left red faced and presumably frustrated, as they sat with plates full of pork, waiting for protests to erupt. Apart from the absence of any protest whatsoever, more embarrassment was caused because of most members not even eating the pork delicacies, which went to waste.

Perhaps if the Sena had done more research they would have known that, while sea food and beef are a part of Kerala’s staple diet, pork has never been a regular on the menu. Hindus refrain from eating beef as they revere cows, while Muslims don’t consume pork since it is considered impure in Islam.

Although the Hanuman Sena did it best to match up to their counterparts in Maharashtra and Delhi in inciting communal hatred, their effort as well as a lot of pork was wasted for nothing.