Actress Angoorlata Deka, the newly elected BJP MLA from Assam’s Batadroba constituency is the topic of discussion on the internet these days. You’d think it might be because of her resounding victory in the elections, but all the Internet is busy talking about and trolling is her looks.

b’Source: Twitter’

Voyeurs on social media and even some media outlets have only one aspect of her personality to discuss – that she is “hot and sexy”! The rest of her achievements have very conveniently been ignored, or may be no one actually cares, because she is a woman.

Just take a look at these cringeworthy news pieces/articles that have been doing the rounds since her victory was confirmed on May 19: 

And this one calling her the ‘hottest MLA’!

With personal pictures of her going viral, some made sure that the objectification was complete.

Or this video, which is plain offensive, with this news portal calling her ‘khoobsurat’ while displaying pictures from her modelling and acting days

Seems that this news portal was so enamoured by the MLA’s beauty that they forgot to even check the facts and showed another actress. Thankfully, they got a befitting reply from two of their viewers

But it gets even more vile. Some trolls who seem to be from the opposing party have even gone so far as to claim that was Deka’s “hotness” that resulted in her electoral victory.

And there’s more. 

Check out Bollywood film maker Ram Gopal Verma’s totally creepy tweet explaining why he loves politics now

Even after a fair bit of criticism, Verma shot off another sexist comment that most MLA’s don’t look good. Well, given its not a beauty pageant that’s not surprising!

And this soul thought he had made a very witty remark

There is nothing wrong with noting her physical beauty, but it becomes just objectification when that’s the only aspect that you choose to highlight. Dubbing her the “hottest woman MLA” in India, without mentioning even a detail about her political history is just plain sexist and horribly wrong.

After online trolls this is what Angoorlata Deka had to say about the comments regarding her looks:

People may have gone to Mars but their mindsets haven’t changed…I wanted to use my celebrity status to serve the people and contribute to the development of the society. Such comments are uncalled for. People need to grow intellectually. Henceforth, I will not react to such comments

Focussing just her on good looks show how we completely disregard a woman politician’s leadership qualities and reduce her to just her body. All talks of feminism and gender equality just fly out of the window when we troll women like this. Please understand there’s more to Deka than just her pretty face.