The man who brandished a gun in Jamia Nagar, and injured one student by firing, went live on Facebook to document the incident.

Identified as Gopal, the man also kept posting things, which includes hinting towards an attack at Shaheen Bagh.

He called himself the ‘only Hindu’ around and even said that he’d want to be wrapped in a saffron cloth if he passes away.

Apart from this, there are several videos of him going live on Facebook while the incident happened. These videos are still present on his account and have not been removed, hours after they were uploaded.

Earlier today, Gopal took to the streets with a gun in his hands and started firing while shouting – ye lo azaadi.

This left one student injured in the hand. He was later taken to the hospital.

Gopal is currently in police custody and is being questioned about his motives and where he got the gun from.