Have you met Bill? No, not Bill Gates Or Bill Clinton but the character who pokes fun at society specifically on social media. 

He is a normal fictional character who is pleasant, caring and smart mainly because he knows what’s annoying and what’s not. 

A few of these pic posts will probably give you a good idea why Bill has become so popular on social media:

Bill has smartly managed to make his Facebook entrance at a time when people go crazy over a confirmed or unconfirmed buzz on social media.

That’s all about Bill. 

Lets have a look at other fictional internet characters who have made the social media a funnier place: 

Troll face: 

b’The troll face | Source: Facebook’

The last thing you should do is listen to the advice of this mischievous grin which suggests you to click Alt+F4 and delete the System 32 in your system.

Bitch Please : 

b’Bitch Please | Source: Facebookxc2xa0′

This face was a sarcastic response to anything that went wrongly viral on social media. 

Forever alone:

b’Forever alone | Source: Facebook’

The sad fictional character who has no friends or date. 

Derp and Derpina

b’Derp and Derpina | Source: Facebook’

The sweet couple who got into silly fights.  

Me Gusta 

b’Me Gusta | Source: Facebookxc2xa0′

The happy guy who loved it when things went his way. 

That’s all folks!