There will be a total solar eclipse on March 9 and if you’re in India, you will be able to see a partial solar eclipse at sunrise and that too only in some regions. But if you’re in the western and north-west  parts of the country you’re going to miss it completely.

Other parts of India will experience a partial phase of the eclipse that will begin before sunrise. That means  a partially eclipsed sunrise will take place.

“As one moves towards the east of the country, the duration of the partial eclipse increases reaching up to a duration of about one hour and more in extreme north-east India and in Andaman & Nicobar Islands,” the official statement from the government said. 

In India, obscuration of the Sun by the Moon during the greatest phase of the eclipse will be around 15% in Agartala, 24.5% in Bhubaneswar, 11% in Guwahati, 18.5% in Kolkata and 49% in Patna. 

“However, the greatest phase of the partial eclipse will not be seen from many places in India as the sunrise will take place after the time of occurrence of greatest phase at these places,” said the statement. 

The eclipse will end at 6:44 am in Delhi, 6.50 am in Kolkata, 6.49 am in Bhubaneswar and in Bengaluru it will end at 6.47 am. 

And as excited as you may be about this celestial event, remember not to look at the eclipsed Sun with the naked eye. Viewing it for even a very short time could cause permanent damage that can lead to blindness.

Also make sure you use a proper filter like aluminized mylar, black polymer, welding glass of shade number 14 or by making projection of Sun’s image on a white board by telescope. 

NASA released this video to show how the eclipse will take place:

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