Man is the only animal that kills for pleasure. Just think about it, humans are the only ones who kill animals to wear it’s skin upon their backs or to decorate their living rooms. For every other kind of animal, killing is out of necessity, but for the vile people of Tehreek-e- Taliban, killing is just a way to prove a point. Humanity’s failure comes to the fore once again, and unfortunately, it’s in the name of a tortured and twisted view of Islam. #IndiawithPakistan is not just a sign of two countries, it’s a show of brotherhood. A show of unity for most repulsive of actions – Child massacre. Our hearts go out to their poor parents and we guarantee their tears will not be forgotten.

“Pain shared is pain not doubled but halved.”

This video by Rihaan Patel shows us in grim detail why the smallest coffins are the heaviest.