As a student, the pressure of marks, especially during board exams can get really stressful. Students are often told that their success in life is directly correspondent to how well they score during their 10th and 12th std exams. But is that really how we should be conditioning young minds? 

An IAS officer from Ahmedabad decided to bust the myth. Nitin Sangwan took to Twitter to share his marksheet from 2002. Back when he passed by a single mark in Chemistry, during his 12th std boards. He reassured students that their marks do not determine their future because life is so much more than your board exams. 

Hardwork gets you places, clarifies Nitin while stating that being bogged down by the pressure of marks often leaves students disappointed. 

According to stats, more than 2,403 students in 2014, 2,646 students in 2015 and 2,413 students in 2016 has died due to suicide in the country – the reason predominantly being the pressure of exams. This issue of pressure on students is deeply rooted in our country. And people like Nitin taking the time out to talk about how the pressure needs to lifted, can make all the difference.