The decision of removing specific content from school books was initiated by Rajasthan State Board last year. Content on foreign icons were replaced by the ones written on India in the English module of schools across the state.

A few days back, HRD Minister Irani raised questions in the Parliament about the content in a class 4 teacher’s handbook and perhaps people have taken a page from her book..

On Wednesday, the hashtag #RemoveMughalsFromBooks, was one of the top trends of Twitter. The topic of the debate was whether Mughal history should be celebrated or taught to our children in schools or not.

The central argument of those in favour of removing Mughals from history, was that Mughal rulers looted and plundered Indian lands, destroyed Hindu temples and monuments, and converted thousands of Hindus. Sanghi twitterati rallied around this argument and pushed for replacement of Mughal history with stories of ‘real heroes’, as some of them put it. 

Apparently, someone has taken cue from that to start #RemoveMughalsFromBooks on Twitter which is drawing a huge number of response, not only in the context of ‘Mughals’ but also on communal lines.

Here are some of the tweets

Some well-known Twitterati had to say this

And then some sarcasm

Some serious allegations

And then there were concerns as well