Every damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, needs to take inspiration from this 18 year-old girl who chased down a burglar and held on to him when he injured her with a blade.

As per a report published in the Hindustan Times, Priyanka, with a black belt in martial arts chased down and nabbed a burglar in east Delhi on Tuesday and has since become the hero of the neighbourhood.

Priyanka was visiting her grandmother in Pandav Nagar when she heard some chaos in the neighbourhood. 

She told HT:

“The woman said her husband had walked in on four robbers in their flat, and that the locks of other homes on three floors had also been broken. When the robbers tried to escape, one of them jumped over to our building. I saw him and must have chased him for at least 100-150 meters.

She grabbed the burglar by his neck and did not let go even after being slashed on her left hand with a blade. The locals took over and handed the man to the police. His accomplices, however, managed to escape.

b’Source: Twitter’

Priyanka, who has passed out of high school, dreams of joining the armed forces and is currently preparing for the CRPF entrance exams. She lives with her mother in northeast Delhi’s Bhajanpura while her father, an engineer, works in Guwahati. 

“My parents always encouraged me to join the force. The exam is on the 26th of this month, and I am putting in all the hard work. I hope to be there,” Priyanka, who started started taking training in defense when she was 15 and also owns a black belt, told HT.

(Feature Image Source: AFP/Twitter)