This one seems straight out of a movie scene. Two prisoners in a bid to escape from police custody smartly managed to make their way out of no way.

On Saturday, two prisoners Manohar Kumar and Gurbhej Singh were brought to the district courts from Kapurthala jail for the hearing of cases against them, reported Hindustan Times

After the hearing, the cops in charge of the them, stopped for a quick lunch at an eatery, where they all ordered juice. The prisoners somehow managed to spike the juices that the 4 cops ordered, with an intoxicant.

b’Source: Secasa Youth’

And their work was quickly done as the intoxicant rendered the cops unconscious and lo and behold, they escaped.

However, Amritsar city police quickly sprung into action and managed to catch hold of Manohar Kumar, while the other accused Gurbhej Singh, is still absconding.

The 4 accused cops have been identified as Vijay Kumar, Mahinder Singh, Samuel Masih and Janak Raj and were admitted to the emergency ward of Guru Nanak Dev Hospital for treatment. 

For their irresponsible conduct , the cops also have been booked under the relevant sections for negligence of duty.

(Feature Image Source: Twitter/HT)