Ever since marijuana got legalised in parts of the US, the cannabis industry has become a well regulated and hard hitting machine – literally. New and unimaginably potent strains of weed as well as weed products keep popping up, but Kurupt’s moonrock sounds like the kind of dank you’d save for a special occasion, like the end of the world or something.

It’s marketed as the ‘The strongest bud in your galaxy’, which sounds a little overenthusiastic up until the part where you find out just what kind of recreationally psychedelic beast this really is. It’s basically regular bud which is dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief.

Kief is a highly potent resin created by the cannabis plant. Hash oil is exactly what you think it is. Basically, they’ve taken some good weed and kicked it into hyperspace, and your brain is the everpresent black hole. 

Kurupt is a rapper who’s famous for working with Snoop Dogg (obviously), and apart from getting you high (to put it lightly), his product also claims to have medical uses. The staggering 51.2% THC rating in this thing can help with pain, anxiety and nausea reduction. Good times… for some people.

Picture Source: The Stoner’s Cookbook