Exchange4Media Group tries finding the Top 50 most influential every year and they are back this year with an all male jury to create the list. They’ve taken Emma Watson’s “HeForShe” campaign a little too seriously.

In a move straight out of a feminist’s nightmare, a group of 9 men will decide who the most influential women in advertising and marketing are. The jury about influential women couldn’t find a single woman who they thought was capable enough to pick members for this list.

There are no doubts over the capability of these individuals but a little diversity in this jury would have been appreciated. Considering that this is a list about women, don’t they think it’s a little disrespectful to not have a single female representative in the jury? All they need is Donald Trump in the jury for this panel to be perfect judges for the Miss USA Pageant. 

Because who better to judge women on their contributions than men, right?