iD Fresh Foods, a ready-to-eat food company, has set up 17 outlets of its Trust Shop across Bengaluru where there are no salesman or cash machines. In case you are wondering what Trust Shops are, let us explain it to you.

As reported by TOI, here you can pick products and leave the cost of the same at the box placed there. Also, there are no salesmen, cash machines, or even watchful cameras. 

The Economic Times

Currently, these Trust Shops operate in 12 residential locations and five KPMG branch offices in Bengaluru. 

They are completely unmanned and have 24×7 access to fresh food. Here, a customer can pay whatever he/she has and pay the rest later. Also, the food is replenished everyday.

The Times Of India

When asked about the results, PC Musthafa (42), the founder of iD Foods said

Most consumers pay for what they pick up. In some apartments, collection is as high as 90% and on some days, it is over 100%. Some associations have taken it up as a challenge to ensure 100% payment. It is such a positive feeling within the apartment community and in the iD team.

With this successful stint in Bengaluru, the company is now planning to expand this trustworthy relationship to Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai.

Commendable work!