The rising popularity of Republican leader Donald Trump has not gone down well with many of his haters. One such anti-Trump group has come up with a very unique and bold way of persuading people to not vote for the republican. Their hatred for him is so much that they’re actually selling “sexuality” to influence people’s decisions in voting against him in upcoming elections.

A campaign named “Tramp the Trump” is in full swing in US, where Americans are encouraged to vote for any candidate contesting against Trump. In exchange of this act, the group has claimed to send a nude picture of the person’s liking from their instagram account, said a report in Motherboard.  

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The “Tramp the Trump” are said to be extremely liberal as they reportedly support all genders and orientations. 

In a statement to Motherboard, Jessica Rabbit, the campaign’s pseudonymous creator, said,

“In the past we had Rock the Vote and other ways to get the vote out, but what do young people like now? They like naked people on the internet” 
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The group is very clear that they aren’t endorsing any presidential candidate and their aversion towards Trump forced them to come up with the social media campaign. 

However, the Instagram page was removed hours after the article was published on the site, with the an Instagram spokesperson stating it does not allow nudity and explicit content on their platform, said a report in Motherboard