They did it! They did it for the second time. The West Indies lifted the World T20 trophy again and though the end sounds like a happy one, they were aided by England leaving trails of messiness all over the park in the end. 

The match was an emotional roller coaster. At first, England didn’t get the start they wanted. They only managed to score 155 and with the firepower of West Indies, the score was pretty much easy to chase. But wait, this England team wasn’t solely based on English talent. They had players from different continents whose talent altogether brought a miraculous turning point. 

The English-Irish captain Eoin Morgan had a plan which he executed brilliantly. It eventually came down to NINETEEN runs off SIX balls for the Windies and Carlos Brathwaite just picked his bat up and smashed four-back-to-back-sixes – scoring five more runs that the required target as a measure of how super-cool he is.

So the Pirates of the Caribbean have stolen from England again – and it’s simply the perfect time to put cricketers’ faces on the popular movie franchise. 

Captain Jack Sparrow

The captain of the ship was Marlon Samuels. The Jack Sparrow of the final. He scored 85* off 66, fulfilled his dream of commandeering the victory ship. He was as annoying as Sparrow himself, riding his luck and playing a wily innings. He came back from the dead just when you thought he was gone. He untangled the knots in his stomach. He stood there. He was a lone ranger until Brathwaite showed up. Marlon got what he wanted just like Captain Sparrow, his version of The Black Pearl.

“This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow Marlon Samuels.” 

Will Turner

Just the way Captain Jack Sparrow and blacksmith Will Turner rescued the kidnapped Elizabeth Swann from the cursed crew of the Black Pearl, Carlos Brathwaite assisted Marlon Samuels in rescuing the title of ‘Champions’ from the jaws of defeat. 

The last over of the match looked more prettier than Orlando Bloom. He smashed four sixes in a row and ended the tournament in style. In fact, his act was so good that he may never replicate it again. Or maybe in ten years’ time? Just like Will?

Davy Jones

A fictional villain in the movie roaming the seas in search of souls to serve upon his vessel. He was dedicated to his one true love, the sea goddess Calypso. The same level of dedication was reflected last night by England bowler Ben Stokes. 

His love for the title dragged him to bowl the last over, but just the way Davy Jones’ love didn’t appear for him after a wait of 10 years, Stokes was also left heartbroken at the end. Everything changed in one single over. Heartbreak is difficult to comprehend, let alone take.

Hector Barbossa

Joe Root’s two-wicket haul and 54 off 36 looked as if he would have taken the Black Pearl along with him to the West. But the real captain of the ship in yesterday’s match didn’t let it slip away from his hands. In this version of the Pirates, there was no mutiny.

Captain Sao Feng

One of the nine pirate lords that could release Calypso and defeat Davy Jones, Sao Feng is a powerful pirate who fails to rise to the occasion when it really counts. He dies halfway in the story in an attack by Captain Davy Jones’ ship. 

This can be none other than Chris Gayle in yesterday’s match, where the star performer failed to deliver when all others played their part in snatching victory and sailing into the horizon.