The entire process of demonetisation of Rs 500 notes may not be over yet, there’s already a problem with the new Rs 500 notes. 

The Times of India reports that there are multiple versions of Rs 500 notes that are doing the rounds and despite them seeming very unlike each other, they are all valid legal tender. 

The report points out that there is a version of the note in which the text on the front face of the note is closer to the security thread. There are also differences in the font, the placement of some symbols and some other minor differences in batches of notes that have been printed. 

However, all the notes have all the requisite security features that are listed on the RBI website. 

The RBI spokesperson has said that it could be a printing defect that is there in certain batches of notes due to the hurried printing of notes to deal with the demand for them following the announcement of demonetisation on November 8. 

People who find variants of the Rs 500 note can use them as legal tender and if they’re in doubt they can exchange them at the central bank. 

Here’s how people responded the news of the existence of variants of the notes: