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In this digital age, data fiends can steal your identity, infect your device with bugs and even ruin your Internet surfing experience without you even knowing about it. It’s quite easy to tell if our laptop is infected with a virus; it crashes abruptly, the fan starts whirring noisily, it might slow down and some weird icons show up on our home screen. But how do we tell if our smartphone is infected with a virus? 

Would you like anyone to go through your personal stuff?

You can have a corrupted phone with malware lurking in the shadows and you will probably not even realize it. Here are a few mobile threats that are slipping into your smartphone without you even knowing about them.

1. Malware and Spyware can literally ruin your Internet surfing experience.

Unusually slow Internet speed could mean that your phone has contracted a virus. Those predictive pop-ups you see on the Internet can slide in bugs and viruses into your smartphone. Once you click on these ads, they wreak havoc on your smartphone, while some spyware steals your Internet usage and other sensitive information.

2. FYI, payment apps can ‘sneak a peek’ into your personal data. 

There’s no evil you in a parallel universe, doing things, but believe me, the cases of identity theft are increasing rapidly. You may not be a celebrity, but identity thieves are always on a lookout for any loophole that they can find and hack your security passwords. It is your data, your identity; protect it!

3. Did you or did you not, scan the app you just downloaded? 

We can’t deny app stores’ wobbly approach to filtering unsafe apps. But we can’t blame them either! In case you download a pirated app from a shady website or even a verified app; are you sure whether or not it’s free from viruses and what all access controls are you providing it? You shouldn’t be surprised if it brings the virus into your smartphone. What’s more? The chances are that you will be tracked, hacked or worse, conned!

4. Guard those links!

Clicked on a malicious link and got redirected to a hackers abode? Slow claps if you’re still falling for ‘grow taller in two weeks’ links floating all over the Internet. Never click on any link which is attached with an unsolicited email. It may be unsafe! 

Every now and then, even technology takes a sick day. Without a mobile security app, you are as vulnerable as a cow. JioSecurity and Norton have come together to provide the best all-round security service to every smartphone user. Whether you are a young millennial stepping into the world of social media or a businessman whose majority of payment is done through online apps; having a security app in your smartphone is a must! JioSecurity not only safeguards your privacy & identity from fraudulent websites, viruses, malware, and data snoopers, but also helps you remotely find the location of your phone when it is lost. Now, that’s one mobile app I wouldn’t mind freeing up some extra space for! Bye, bugs!

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