Three women from Adanurai, Tamil Nadu named Senthamizh Selvi (38), Muthamaal (34) and Ananthavalli (34) are being lauded for removing their own sarees to rescue youngsters who were drowning in the waters of Kottarai dam. 

Source: New Indian Express

This incident took place on August 6th, when a group of 12 youngsters from Siruvachchur village went to play cricket near Kottarai village. After playing, they went to the village to bathe in the Kottarai dam. 

However, due to heavy rains over the past week, the depth of the water in the dam was between 15 to 20 feet. 

Source: DT Next

The three women had just finished bathing and washing their clothes when the men arrived and asked them about bathing near the dam. According to New Indian Express, they said, 

We warned them that the water would be deep. But four of the youngsters somehow slipped and fell in. We removed our sarees without thinking of anything and threw them into the water. We managed to save two boys but the other two drowned while we were trying to save them. We were inside the waters but still couldn’t reach them. 

Twitter praised these women. 

While two youngsters Karthick and Senthilvelan survived, Pavithran (17) and Ranjith (25) were identified as deceased. Perambalur firefighters reached the spot and recovered their bodies.