Neither the students nor the faculty of JNU is pro-violence, or anti-nationalist. Even though they were not the ones who raised slogans, one of them was arrested with no concrete evidence whatsoever, and a case of sedition was slapped on him. The first person account of what actually happened might help you put pieces of the story together. 

As the residents of a democratic country, certain rights and freedoms have been given to us. Among those rights are the Right to Dissent and the Freedom of Speech and Expression. Patriotism or nationalism does not disregard these rights we have been endowed with. And nobody, not even misled fanatics can take these rights away.  

Every voice of dissent, and every person who has a different opinion from the ones which have been indoctrinated into our heads is being called an anti-nationalist, pro-Pakistani, and a traitor. It’s our duty to not let these voices die, be lost or forgotten. 

All these cartoons, tweets, and poem, explain what is wrong with the call for war against these so-called anti-nationalists. 


b’Source: twitter’
b’Telegraph India print edition’

As the country takes sides on the issue, let’s hope that justice is delivered for every wrong done in the name of nationalism.