India has been in a complete lockdown since Tuesday, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this drastic step to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This lockdown banned all inter-state travel and shut down all factories and stores that don't count as essential goods.

Source: Deccan Herald

While we're all busy hoarding groceries and complaining about working from home, the poor have taken the worst hit. Many have been fired by their employers, with no place to stay and no food. 

Due to this, many migrant workers have resorted to walking home. With no buses and trains to travel in, they've begun a tedious journey.  

Source: India Today

Two such young daily wage workers were taken in by a police chowki yesterday. 

In a heartwarming gesture by the police, Prashant and Dilshad were fed, provided with gloves, sanitisers and even given food for future purposes. 

Twitter is applauding the cops for their good deed. 

During this lockdown, it is important that we all do our part by staying safe at home. So we don't put others at risk.