These Malabar Giant Squirrels with coloured fur are the latest viral internet sensation as people are just getting to know about them.

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Residing in evergreen forests with a tropical climate, they nibble on jackfruit, nuts, tree barks, insects and bird eggs.

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Locally known as Shekru, these giant squirrels are native to India. Their distinction is their ombre coloured fur and their size. 

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Their dual-toned fur in the combinations of rust, tan, brown, buff and beige, help them to camouflage in the lush green forests in order to protect themselves from the predators. 

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Their 3-feet-long, head to the tail body doesn't really do justice to the adjective 'giant'. 

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These native rodents are really making us go 'nuts' over them. 

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Are they 'fur' real?