That the demonetisation has wreaked havoc in many people’s lives is not new. Even those who appreciate the intention behind this move cannot help but disagree that it is no less than a major headache. And if you decide to get married amidst this chaos, you know you are doomed. 

But there are people who haven’t let PM Modi’s untimely bomb dampen their spirits in this wedding season. Some villages in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar and Jharkhand are now enjoying this wedding season grooving to songs in praise of PM Modi.

Cashing on the demonetisation, several singers are also now having the time of their lives singing songs hailing note bandi. 

For instance, a Bhojpuri song by one Chhotu Bhardwaj has become an instant hit in eastern UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. Check out the song:

Another Bhojpuri song which has people dancing specially in baraat processions is this:

Ratiya mein band kaila paanch sau hajaria, ab kaise kati din raat ho, jaa E Modi, eika kaila hamni amirawan pe ghaat ho (You banned Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes at midnight. Oh Modi! you have hurt the rich badly!)”

Not just during weddings, these songs riding on the popular emotion have struck an instant chord with the Bhojpuri-speaking netizens with people downloading and sharing the songs. 

The same emotions resonate in the villages of Punjab and Haryana who too have come up with their own versions of note-bandi songs. 

This new Haryanvi song by Anjali Raghav, has quickly been climbing the popularity charts not only in the rural areas of Punjab and Haryana but also on YouTube. 

Another Haryanvi album “Sapna and Modi” has been the latest craze in Punjab and Haryana. The last we checked, it had 7.5 lakh views already!

There’s one more advising you to exchange your old notes:

Rajasthan is not far behind too! This song by Raju Rawal & Shambhu Meena praising PM Modi has become quite a hit in the state

, who would have thought!