You just have to look at the walls of the Jawaharlal Nehru University to realise how politically active the place of learning is. The posters – on hostel walls, on dhaba wall, basically everywhere – present a vibrant picture of the clash of ideologies at JNU.

And that’s just what it is – a clash of ideologies, nothing more, nothing less. To paint it with any other brush would be doing a great disservice to a place of learning – not just theory but real life lessons as well.

Here are a few:

This has to be most recent ones, pasted on the walls only a couple of days ago:

For Rohith Vermula:

A call against ‘saffron violence’:

A very recent ‘nationalism’ campaign:

When you #standwithJNU, you stand for a lot of things:

This is how you criticise an ideology you don’t agree with:

Some more:

For an “indecisive government”:

And some undeniable truths: