The world is obsessed with selfies. Hate it or love it, you can’t deny that the selfie culture is here to stay. But have you wondered what would have happened if our gods were also as gripped by the selfie fever?

As weird as it sounds, a Pune-based artist has decided to merge the funny with the religious, and has come up with an interesting Tumblr blog called ‘Selfie Gods’. 

Adrita Das, who goes by the name Das Ka Auto on Tumblr, picked up a few old paintings of Indian gods and goddesses and gave it a new twist by photoshopping in smartphones and selfie sticks.

Check out some of her quirky posters:

War strategy later, Arjun; first let’s take a war selfie! 

Make sure my flute comes in the frame, Radha!

Don’t worry, my new iPhone is waterproof! 

This exile is really boring. Let’s take selfies to pass the time

Lord Hanuman tears open his chest to reveal an image of Instagram in his heart

Let’s party, dudes! Hey check out my new selfie stick

Yes, that’s the right angle. Click!

It’s wedding season, girls, aka the selfie season. Wink and pout away!

(All Images are sourced from Tumblr. Courtesy: Adrita Das)