This may come as good news for all those who have fallen prey to fake news on Facebook. A group of students in the US have come up with a unique algorithm that authenticates what is real and what is fake on Facebook.

The team of students included Nabanita De, an international second-year master’s student at the University of Massachusetts, Anant Goel, a 1st year student at Purdue University, Mark Craft and Qinglin, 2nd year students at the University of Illinois, reports Washington Post.

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What have they created?

The group of students have made a Chrome browser extension that tags links in Facebook feeds as verified or not verified after cross checking the content with other news sources.

The plug-in will provide credible information on the topic everytime a post appears to be false.

The extension has been named as FiB and was developed in a day and a half by the students for a hackathon(an event on computer programming) at Princeton University.

It’s Open Source too! 

Currently, they’ve released it as an “open-source project,” so that anyone with development experience can work on it to make it a better and improved version of the existing plug-in.

The students are expecting Facebook to team up with FiB as a third-party developer so that all news feed data could be controlled by the company. FiB was awarded “Best Moonshot” by Google.