In a shocking incident, two infants were found abandoned in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar on Monday. The infant girl was found at Ward Number 2 of GB Pant Hospital while the boy was found on the stairs of Makhdoom Sahib Shrine.


According to a report by ANI News, the girl child was abandoned by a woman who is said to be her mother. Both the infants are now admitted at GB Pant Children Hospital where they are being given proper medical care. 

The babies who were born to different parents have severe health complications which is said to be the reason behind them getting abandoned. While the baby girl has a congenital problem, the boy suffers from a neurological disorder.

However, India Today reports that help has poured in for the babies. A woman from Pune has come forward to adopt one of the infants and a Delhi-based NGO is also willing to provide medical assistance.

In case you’d like to help here’s how you can get in touch with the hospital concerned: 

GB Pant Children Hospital

(Feature image source: Twitter/24Indianews)