The relationship and rivalry between Microsoft and Apple are well documented. So it’s not surprising when one comes across videos of one being a harsh critique of another. 

Intellectual takeout

Recently we came across a little clip from the 2012 documentary Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview. In the 3-minute interview done in 1995, Jobs talks about the success of Bill Gates’ Microsoft and what he felt about their products. 


Jobs credits Gates and Microsoft for their success and being persistent with their efforts. 

But it is his harsh criticism of their products that really catches the eye. 

Jobs believed that Microsoft products lacked spirit and originality that humans, as a species deserved. 

Jobs said that he wasn’t upset that Microsoft had won the tech war but by the fact that they did not do anything classy with their products and make them the best mankind could have. 

You can watch the video here:

So do you agree with Jobs or do you have a MacBook?