A recent incident about a robbery in Bengaluru is something you must not have heard before, as a 20-year-old swallowed a woman’s gold chain. But that’s not even the most unusual part of the story.

Deccan herald

As reported by Deccan Herald, the incident took place in MT Street near KR Market, central Bengaluru, on Saturday night. 

What makes this incident stand out is how the Bengaluru police, with the help of doctors, have successfully deployed an unusual technique to retrieve a gold chain.

Free press journal

To recover the chain, doctors force-fed laxative and bananas to Vijay (the thief), who swallowed a gold chain in an attempt to not get caught by the police.

Furthermore, as he tried to escape, Hema (who was robbed) managed to hold on to it with her hand. Later, Vijay was taken to the hospital as he was beaten up. The story took a turn when doctors found out the chain is still inside his body after the X-ray was done.


Hema was wearing a mangalya gold chain weighing more than 70 grams and a 12-gram pendant necklace when a gang of three men ambushed her around 8.50 pm. 

Later, doctors gave him Enema, a syrup used to treat constipation, and bananas. The chain eventually came out through faeces.

India times

This is what Twitter has to say about the incident. 

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