We all love our alone time. One could argue that in this online age, it’s getting harder and harder to come by. But there are some things that you can’t do without your friends. It just isn’t the same. I mean, it’s the good times that unite us after all. Here are a few things that are best done with ‘the gang’:

1. Gaming night

Grab a few cold ones and get ready for an all-nighter.


2. Catching a cricket match

Goes without saying.


3. Road Trip!

With friends along, half the fun is in the journey itself.


4. Watching a horror movie

But then again, if you’re like me, watching a horror movie alone is NOT an option.


5. Jam Session

Cuz when you’re all together, that’s when you can really feel the music. Know what I’m saying?


6. Chilling after a long day at work

You don’t even need to say anything. Just… unwind man.


7. Movie Marathon

I mean, you can’t discuss the pros and cons of a superhero rift with yourself, can you?


8. Carrom!

Whoa whoa! Don’t TOUCH the queen! She’s all mine!


9. Karaoke Night

Forget the insane fun you’re bound to have. You also get to laugh at your friend’s weird rendition of ‘Sexy sexy sexy’ for ever after.


10. Paint Balling

One: it’s crazy fun. Two: Whatever frustration you may have with anyone or anything, you get to take it all out on the field. CHARGE!


11. Playing a game of cricket or football

Come on, we’re never too old for this. And midnight’s just perfect for a game!


12. Or if you’re not too athletically inclined, try Ultimate Frisbee.

Seriously. Just try it.


13. Going to a concert

Whether it’s head banging or just the simple swaying to the rhythm, sharing that experience with your friends is something else.


14. Biking

Dust that bike down and hit the trail!


15. Binge watching your favourite TV show.

Keep those eyes glued to the screen. And while you’re at it, why stick to just one series?

Having friends around just makes things better. Even when it’s something as simple as grabbing a beer with the gang. Here’s to the good times! #UnitedByGoodTimes

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Feature image: Fullhdimages