Everything was going back to normal by July, isn’t it? We were going to go back to our offices, schools were to reopen and whatnot. Ah, those dreams!

It has been 4 months since any of us have stepped outside and it hurts now to not being able to see my friends. So, I decided to make a list of things I will do with them as soon as things go back to normal (whenever that happens).

1. Go to Goa

For real this time.

We graduated, started working, some even got married. But Goa remained elusive. Not this time, this time I want the trip to happen without anyone bailing out at the last moment for once.


2. Go for a live cricket/football match.

I don’t know when the crowd will be allowed inside stadiums again but whenever that happens, I’d like to not procrastinate, buy the damn tickets and cheer our team from up close. 

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3. Eat at our favourite restaurants. 

This is something that we maybe took for granted, because ‘the restaurant isn’t going anywhere’. Well, who knew…

There is nothing like eating, drinking and chatting with friends for hours, and I’d love to do that again when this all ends.

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4. Go for karaoke.

Pre-drink, ladies night, karaoke, momos = Perfection. 

Soon, hopefully. 

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5. Attend a concert.

One concert, any concert. I want to be out there in a sea of people, holding my friends and listening to the music as the light-play continues. The mere thought makes me happy. 

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6. Go for shopping.

It’s been a while since my friends have convinced me to buy something I did not like at all but later realised they were correct. Need that right now.

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7. Go for late night drives for absolutely no reason.

Catching sunrise while driving towards India Gate after a few hours of wandering around with your friends, is there anything better than that?

Oh, and some road-side chai and snacks afterwards.

Times of India

8. Go for club hopping.

Dancing off the worries. Yeah, that’s highly needed. 


9. Go on a road trip to the hills. 

There is nothing that soothes your heart as much as the company of your friends, some good music and a long drive to the hills with small pit stops. 

Ugh, I’ll cry. 

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10. Watch a movie in the theater.

I can’t wait to get the whole gang together and go for a fun movie in the hall, followed by some beers and great food. Sigh…

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11. Aimlessly walk around in a mall.

Looking at clothes, tasting food, going into the kids’ section to check out the latest toys, staring at clothes we can’t afford. That kinda thing.


Vaccine Gods, please shower us with your blessings.