It’s been more than a year since the coronavirus outbreak hit the world but our ‘esteemed’ politicians won’t stop making dumb statements about it. From giving weird cures to reasons, they have done everything to deny the existence of coronavirus.

1. A Gujarat MLA said that BJP workers are not infected with COVID as they work hard.

Govind Patel, a Gujarat BJP MLA was asked by reporters if the flouting of guidelines by political leaders and workers during poll campaigning was resulting in a spike in COVID cases. Responding to which he said:

Those who work hard do not get coronavirus infection. BJP workers work hard, and therefore, not a single worker has been infected with the virus.

2. Swami Chakrapani, National President of All India Hindu Mahasabha, said that Corona is an avatar of Lord Narsingh.

Corona is not a virus, but avatar for the protection of poor creatures. They have come to give the message of death and punishment to the one who eats them.

3. Swami Chakrapani even raised concerns on the use of cow blood in the manufacture of COVID vaccines in foreign countries.

Before bringing Corona vaccine or medicine to India, the government and international pharmaceutical companies should clarify to the country if the vaccine or medicine does contain cow’s blood or any such substance which hurts the spirit of Hindu Sanatan Dharma.

4. In the intial stages of the coronavirus outbreak, Donald Trump said a miracle will make the virus disappear.

It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.
indian express

5. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, dismissed the fears about coronavirus calling it ‘psychosis’.

The world has gone mad from the coronavirus. This psychosis has crippled national economies almost everywhere in the world.
Indian Express

He even suggested remedies such as drinking vodka, taking saunas and playing ice hockey.

6. Union Minister Ramdas Athawale gave weird slogans to beat the coronavirus.

Earlier I gave the slogan ‘Go Corona, Corona Go’ and now corona is going. For the new coronavirus strain, I give the slogan of ‘No Corona, Corona No’.

7. Brazilian President Bolsonaro said that Brazilians must not be ‘sissies’ about coronavirus.

Everyone is going to die. There is no point in escaping from that, in escaping from reality. We have to stop being a country of sissies.

8.  Assam BJP MLA Suman Haripriya said that gaumutra and gobar can cure coronavirus.

We all know that cow dung is very helpful. Likewise, when cow urine is sprayed, it purifies an area… I believe something similar could be done with ‘gaumutra’ and ‘gobar’ to cure Coronavirus.

9. BJP politician Rameshwar Sharma said that the laying of the foundation stone for the Ram Mandir will mark the beginning of the end of the dreaded virus.

Lord Ram had reincarnated for the welfare of mankind and to kill demons at that time. As soon as the construction of Ram temple begins the destruction of the Covid pandemic will begin too.

10. Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh said that people with blessings of Hindu gods and goddesses should not fear of coronavirus.

Ghosh was addressing a religious programme where worship of goddess Manasa was on.

Look here so many people have assembled. Thousands of people are here praying. They are drinking water, taking ‘prasad’. They are not even washing their hands. They are not afraid of the disease. We are taking the ‘prasad’ together. Nothing will happen to us, as the gods’ blessings are with us.
national herald india

11. Former Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat said that the COVID-19 virus also has the right to live as it is just another living organism like humans.

Speaking to a local news channel, he said:

If we talk philosophically, then Covid-19 virus is also a living organism which wants to live and has a right to live just like humans. However, we consider ourselves more intelligent than any other living organism. We are now after it and to escape, the virus is changing its form constantly.

Further, he also said:

Hence, we now have to keep our distance from it. It is also moving and we are also moving, but we have to move faster than it so that it gets left behind.

Their irresponsible statements can put thousands of lives at risk because there are people who support and follow them.