A little over a month ago, in his address to the nation, PM Modi asked all of us to light diyas. The specifics of this do not matter. What matters is that this is what he asked us to do, as people continue to suffer during the coronavirus lockdown. 


Anyhow, since Modi is suggesting fun ideas, first with banging thalis and now lighting diyas, we imagined what will be next in his list of Big Boss-like tasks that we need to perform. 

1. Play One drop-One hand catch cricket matches inside your drawing rooms.


2. Play Antakshari but only with songs that Bollywood copied from other people. 

Indian Express

3. Make rangoli, but only with your left hand. 


4. Talk to everyone you’re in a lockdown with, but only through phone calls. 


5. Go to your terraces and fly kites with messages to me.  Mann ki baat should also be from your side. 


6. Perform Garba on Shaktimaan’s theme song. 


7. Watch 5 Akshay Kumar movies over the weekend. 

Desi Martini

8. PUBG mein sab apna username NaMo kar do. 


9. Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasmah binge watch karo.


10. Drink one shot of Gaumutra every day, see if you like it. 

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If you’ve got any other ideas, please let us know. This is like those Fun Friday ideas your office HR sends, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.