Over the last few years, a few things that used to fairly normal have been disallowed in India. We have listed a few of those things below. 

1. Journalist covering the gangrape of a Dalit woman in Uttar Pradesh. 

2. Hospitals reporting a shortage of oxygen and asking for help to save their patients. 

Source: Indian Express

3. Seeking an oxygen cylinder for your grandfather on Twitter. 

Source: New Indian Express

4. Questioning about the money donated to PM Cares Fund. 

Source: Scroll

5. Being a Muslim working in a COVID war room. 

Source: The Print

6. Making TV shows that 'offend religious sentiments'. 

Source: The Print

7. Editing Google docs about 'protests'. 

Source: Teen Vogue

8. Being a political activist speaking against the government. 

Source: Human rights watch

9. Being a journalist doing their jobs. 

Source: The Wire

10. Students studying in their own college library. 

Source: Scroll

11. Students protecting other students from being assaulted by police. 

Source: YouTube

12. Making cartoons criticising the judiciary. 

Source: NDTV

I'll just leave it here and let you ponder over all this for a while.