Holi is just around the corner and everyone is excited for the celebrations. Actually, not everyone, because the definition of celebrating Holi is different for different organisms.

This year, as we play Holi, let’s swear not to do the following things that can hurt or harm others around us.


1. Throwing colours on stray animals.

Stray animals are the worst victims of our irresponsible behaviour on Holi. Exposed to unwanted gulaal and balloons, these creatures can’t even wash the colour off like us humans. Moreover, the chemicals in the colours used on Holi can cause a lot of health problems for them.


2. Targeting random people with balloons.

Throwing balloons filled with water is a favourite pastime of miscreants who want to create nuisance on the occasion of Holi. In some cases, people also throw balloons filled with colours, eggs, and other filthy things on random people.

Apart from causing physical injuries, it can also affect the mental health of those hit with the balloons.

India Today

3. Applying colour on anyone forcefully.

The festival of Holi doesn’t give anybody a free pass to apply colour on other people. Applying colours on anyone without their wish or consent is something we should swear not to do this Holi.

4. Wasting water unnecessarily.

According to estimates, every Holi, roughly 30 litres of water is wasted by one person; which means 150 litres is wasted for every 5 lakh people playing Holi. When our country is in the middle of a water crisis, it makes sense to use water judiciously and try and keep up the spirit of the festival using dry colours.

Deccan Chronicle

5. Using metallic colours or grease.

Some people derive unique pleasure playing with hard, metallic and harsh colours. People also use grease and stuff to colour their friends. They have widespread effects on our skin. This Holi, let’s swear not to use these harmful colours at all.


6. Burning pollution-causing substances in Holika Dahan.

The open burning of wood logs and other substances in the pyre, a night before Holi, emits enormous amounts of pollutants in the air. I know Holika Dahan is a tradition, but we should be more mindful of the kind of substances we are burning, considering the fuckall air quality our cities have.


7. Driving recklessly.

People assume drunk driving or reckless and rash driving is allowed on Holi. Trust me, this is not even close to the definition of having fun and enjoying the festival. By doing this, you are not only harming yourselves, but also putting others’ lives in danger.


8. Throwing eggs on people passing through the streets.

Every year, we hear of incidents of people throwing eggs and tomatoes on passersby. This is the dirtiest way to celebrate a festival that is known for love and colours. It’s risky on another level when you are throwing eggs on random cars passing by.


9. Dragging your friends into mud without their consent.

Dragging friends to pools filled with mud is a common sight on Holi in India. Barging into anyone’s house, grabbing them and pushing them into mud is just not acceptable in the name of bura na maano Holi hai.


10. Disposing colours in running water.

Disposing off Holi colours in running water can leave it impure and unfit for any use. Apparently, the artificial colours used on Holi do not readily degrade under natural conditions and 

This water then further goes on to pollute the soil.


Have fun on Holi, stay safe and play resposibly.