Prime Minister Narendra Modi held Pariksha Pe Charcha today, where he interacted with kids from across the country (who, I must say, seemed bored and zoned out as hell).


Now, to his credit, the PM did say a lot of nice things and was cheeky on occasions – which is cool and all. 

However, I am afraid, he doesn’t follow every advice he was giving to the children. Here are a few of those suggestions, which should ideally make the PM introspect a bit.

1. Don’t allow technology to take control of your life.

2. We can always contribute to the nation while delivering our responsibilities.

3. Can we decide that by 2022, we will all buy everything that’s India made?  

4. Earlier, we used to celebrate and surprise our friends by seeing them physically. These days, we’re wishing them virtually.

5. I want us to have a #NoFilter conversation.

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6. Har koi na saadhu ban sakta hai, na fakeer ban sakta hai. Har insaan ki kuch zimmedari hoti hai.

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7. Do not worry about what others are doing.

Some serious pariksha for the PM in the future.